"At the root of my life philosophy lie three key verbs:
to love, to think, and to laugh."

"A person who can think also laughs and loves. "

"I live my emotions at the summit; even in the ugliest things I seek beauty and, in my opinion, there is no darkness that love cannot illumine."

"I believe that the worst decision is better than indecision. "

" I have never become acquainted with rancor and hatred."

"My portfolio of friends bulges. "

“It is unknown where or when life will end. Therefore, without offending anyone, I wish a life full of smiles to all who love. Forget not that a smile costs nothing!”

Born in İstanbul, Ömür Göksel was very much into literature, music and sports during his high school years.

He played soccer for Galatasaray youth squad and was a promising player of Galatasaray junior national basketball team

He won a very prestigious singing contest and became “The Voice King of Turkey”

He went to Germany for his university education.

Back in Turkey, he was a professional singer who could sing in 4 languages and had a reporteire of over 1000 songs. Turkey’s all night clubs were in competition to work with Ömür Göksel.

He got his first Gold Record with his song “Mutluluk” in 1969.

His work” Sevemem Artık “in 1972 . followed the first one.His second gold record brought him “Singer Of The Year” award 3 times in a row.

He won his third gold record with his own composition “ Yanıyorum” in 1975.

However,piracy had started to hit the record industry during those years and there was an increasing interest in arabesque music,therefore he decided to pursue his career abroad.

He sang in İtaly, America and Germany for more than 17 years at private clubs ,jazz clubs and 5-star hotels.

When he came back to Turkey in 1996,he was met by two generations who were unfamiliar with him,but the parents of those generations met with each other ,fell in love and got married with Ömür Göksel songs.

At the beginning of 2000,he presented the TV show “Bir Ömür” that continued 73 weeks.

Beginning from the September 2000,he became a sport clumnist in a major national newspaper and commentated football twice a week at his column titled “Korner” for three years.

He was elected as a Council Member from Kadıköy district of İstanbul in the elections on 28 March 2004.Beginning from 14 April 2004,he maintained the duty of chairmanship of commissions of youth,education,sport and culture in Kadıköy .

“Bir Ömür” and “Meydan Okuyorum Yıllara” albums were released in 2005.

His most important come back was “ A Touch of Quality” that consisted of jazz standards in 2006. He was at the very top of the charts with an album in English 28 years later.that also introduced him to the young generations.

Because of growing demand he put out a double-CD album,entitled “A Touch of Love” comprising 24 of the world’s best-loved songs and the reception was even bigger

.A 50 love-song collection,entitled “Music for Lovers” album that was a 4-CD set,with booklet ,released for Valentine’s Day in 2007 and exhausted in an extremely.short time.

Thus Ömür Göksel did something highly difficult by releasing 3 successful albums in a year where the marked had being going through a rough state.

A cd entitled “A Touch of Latin” comprising a collection of the favorite love songs of the Latin world got released in the summer months of 2007 and still going strong in the market.

,At the beginning of 2008, he collected his favorite love songs under the title “ÖMÜR’LÜK ŞARKILAR” Sales of the album were lively enough to propel it to number 3 on the charts.

At present a new album is being prepared with a view to releasing it at the beginning of 2009.

He is still a much-sought after name at special events, top-notch private clubs ,jazz clubs and 5-star hotels in Istanbul as well as all around Turkey.